CAUJOLLE, wheel and castor specialist with over 70 years experience:


The wheel, that small object with such an essential role. For centuries it has accompanied mankind, making travel and transport faster and easier. Today it is omnipresent and, whatever our lifestyle, almost everything we do, day in and day out, would be very difficult without it. How could all those machines, so essential to agriculture, life at home and the industries that make our everyday objects, function without the humble wheel?

Based in Toulouse, south-west France, for over 70 years, Caujolle is at the very heart of its development. This family company, created in 1946 when the manufacturing sector was in full expansion, is today firmly established as a pioneer in France in the production of wheels and castors.

Caujolle wheels and castors - quality through every step of the manufacturing process

Plastic injection machine
The wheels and castors produced by Caujolle are the fruit of cutting-edge technology and company expertise, the result of a long experience built-up as both techniques and needs evolved over the years.

For three generations, the Caujolle family has designed, manufactured and sold wheels and castors of varied diameters, materials and load-bearing capacity, meeting the demands of key market sectors, in constant evolution: goods and materials handling, industry, local authorities and the furnishings industry.

All the different production stages are carried out in-house thanks to our impressive range of machinery: digital milling machines, thermoplastic injection presses, mechanical presses, shears, folding machines, welding units, etc.

Caujolle - a company at the heart of today's economic challenges


Innovation, a key value for the company. The ability to meet the evolving needs of market players whilst taking into account today's economic and environmental challenges is the motor that drives product development and manufacture. With over 30 years' experience as a specialist in compression rubber moulding our company is today amongst the market leaders in France for the production of wheels and castors.

Several years ago Caujolle took the decision to expand onto the international stage, to conquer new markets and continue to strengthen its research and development department.

Caujolle is firmly established as a long-term partner for the manufacture of the high quality products essential for your technical department: not only wheels and castors, but also trolleys, accessories for gates and the fittings for lifting machinery and hoists.  We are always ready to respond to any specific needs you may have and our enquiry form includes a space to request a technical quote for the creation of a made-to-measure product.

Today every sector relies on castors: home DIY, the food industry, all those involved in handling goods and materials, etc.

Did you know? In its early days Caujolle specialised in the creation of wheels and castors for children's toys and cars.